Call for Participants ASEH 2015

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Hello Colleagues,

I am looking to organize a panel for ASEH 2015 in Washington, D. C. that focuses on environments along the Canadian-American border. The conference theme focuses on national and international policy, and I am thinking of remaining somewhat connected to this theme. A working title for the panel could be "Environment and Policy along the Canadian-American Border: Opportunities and Challenges."

The paper I plan to present looks at the actions of a French-Canadian poacher in Maine and how the border impacted the decisions of fish and wildlife commissioners in the state. The time frame of my paper is about 1880-1910, but I do not have a temporal frame in mind for the panel.

I am looking for another two or three panelists that will address environmental issues and policy along the border. If you are interested in being a part of this panel, or have any questions, please email with a brief proposal and updated CV by May 23rd.


Ian J. Jesse

University of Maine