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Greetings H-Environment,

Thank you for your patience as we completed the migration to the new web-based format know as the commons. I think that you will really enjoy it after you get the hang of the new system. 

Your account and subscription should have come with it, and should be set to email newly-created content to you automatically.

To post an original comment, you need to come to the web site:


Login, and click on the link that says "Start a discussion with fellow scholars" on the right.  That will take you to an editing page, where you can write your comment (you have to put in a title and some tags in addition to the comment).

Once you've written it, hitting "Preview" at the bottom will give a previewed version of the post to check it.  If it's fine, you can hit "Submit to Editor." at the bottom.  That will send your comment to an H-Environment editor, who will approve it for posting (or ask for edits, or reject it).  Once approved it will go on the page and be emailed to subscribers.

To reply to someone's comment, there is a reply link on each post (both on the web and in email).  Clicking on that will start a similar process as I described above.

We appreciate your continued patience as we learn to navigate the editorial duties on the commons. 


Greg Dehler, H-Environment List Editor

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