Special CFP for Fall 2018 Graduate Journal of Food Studies

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What books or articles should be more widely read in food studies?

In fall 2018, the Graduate Journal of Food Studies will publish a collection of short essays (approx. 500 words) by graduate students who work or read in the field of food studies. Each essay will identify a book or article that the contributor considers ignored, underserved, or underacknowledged in the field of food studies. These texts may take the form of fiction, primary sources, journal articles, edited collections, poetry, academic monographs from within or outside the field, or writing outside of academia. Contributors will offer reasons why they have selected a particular text as well as some explanation of the text itself.

If interested, please submit your pitch here or write Editor-in-Chief, Catherine Peters, with the following information: (1) the title of your proposed essay; (2) the text that you have selected; (3) a very short abstract. Once approved, contributors will receive further instructions from the Editor-in-Chief and be given approximately six weeks to author their proposed essay of approximately 500 words. All pitches must be received by September 1. Please email us with any questions, as we are very happy to work with potential contributors.

The editorial team is particularly interested in essays highlighting scholarship that might unseat or redress the hegemonic subject position through which food studies has often been produced and articulated. Once published, the final collection of essays is intended to be a collaboratively constructed resource for scholars interested in extending and unsettling the foundations of the field.