H-Enviroment editorial reminders concerning postings

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Dear H-Environment subscribers,

Some editorial reminders:

  • Please remember to include a signature line in all of your posts. This should include your name and affiliation.  Please add an e-mail address for any posting that you seek a personal response, such as a call for panelists. Affiliation can include any institution (college, university, library, archives, society, etc,), status (graduate student, independent scholar, journalist, author, etc,), and/or location (such as town, state, or even country). 
  • We do not post book announcements on H-Enviroment. Please contact the book channel (http://networks.h-net.org/h-net-book-channel ) with any book announcements. You can also browse the book channel for any title that you might find interesting. 
  • H-Announce is a totally seperate network. If you submit a posting to H-Announce it does not automatially post to H-Environment. I do try to review H-Announce every couple of days and post relevant messages to H-Enivornment, but it is possible that I might miss a message. If you post something to H-Announce that is relevant to H-Environment and do not see that it has appeared on H-Enivornment after a couple of days, please e-mail me at editorial-environment@mail.h-net.msu.edu
  • Regards,

Greg Dehler, H-Enviroment Editor.