Seeking Panelists for ASEH 2019: Indigenous Peoples & Environmental History

Chris Slaby's picture

Dear All, 

I'd like to put together (or join) a panel dealing with Indigenous peoples/history/studies and environmental history. My own work is on Indigenous cultural and intellectual histories of nature and the environment (particularly in the North American Northeast). I don't know if there are enough people interested in that topic, but if there are, let's do an entire panel on Indigenous thoughts and representations of nature and the environment (if there are a bunch of people working on the North American Northeast we can even be that specific, or we can open it up to all of North America or even all/any Indigenous peoples from around the world). If there is not enough interest for such a specific panel, I feel that we should nevertheless always be talking about Indigenous peoples when talking about environmental history, so this could also serve as a general panel to keep such conversations going. 


If anyone is intersted in any of this, please email a brief abstract of your proposed paper to me at by July 6. 



-Chris Slaby