Seeking Panelists for ASEH 2019: Water Rights, Environmental/Water Justice

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Hello all,

I am looking for panelists (or a panel to join) for the 2019 ASEH conference on the concepts of water rights and water justice. When referring to water rights, people often mean those rights relating to property or land use. But I would like to talk about water rights in the sense of having a right to water. This makes me think of questions, such as: Can water have a right? What are other ways to define water rights? What do these rights include? How does the concept of standing play in this? Is there such thing as a human right to water? Is there a validness in using this in order to address all sorts of water-related problems?

Possible topics for a panel include: water access and distribution, environmental justice, human rights, advocacy, power relations.

If you are interested in teaming up, please contact me ( before July 6 (a week before the proposal deadline).


Thank you,

Elizabeth Hameeteman