Call for Submissions for Journal of Ecotourism (Taylor and Francis) Special Issue on Nature Tourism and Heritage Management in the Asia Pacific: Challenges, Trends

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Call for Papers
July 15, 2017
Subject Fields: 
Environmental History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Indigenous Studies

This special issue aims to critically analyze nature-based tourism (NBT) and environmental sustainability of tourist destinations in the Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific region possesses a high level of species endemism and landscape and cultural diversity. According to the UNWTO the Asia Pacific will be a major tourism growth market into the foreseeable future; this raises the possibility that the natural environments in many of its popular destinations will face degradation. In addition, indigenous lifestyle and culture will also possibly face pressure to cater to tourist demands, resulting in changes in society and culture. While the plight of some iconic wildlife species attract media attention; the problem of extensive fragmentation of the biophysical environment, to which even the supposedly ‘environment-friendly’ tourism plays a part, is not adequately analyzed. Therefore we examine to what extent current regional NBT is grounded in the reality of the loss of biological and geomorphological/geological diversity of this region, how key drivers and stakeholders interact for NBT governance, and critically evaluate possible sustainable pathways for nature-based tourism for this region.  

Accordingly, article submissions are invited on (but not limited to) the following key thematic areas:

1. How are complex abiotic and biotic processes perceived in the touristic landscape? To what extent is the integrity of these processes protected, and what do the current NBT trends in the area imply for these aspects of the natural environment?

2. How is nature-based tourism conducted in the protected areas (e.g. National Parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Geoparks, Biosphere Reserves) of the Asia Pacific?

3. How do key stakeholders interact with the key facets of the biophysical landscape? What are their agendas and what do those agendas imply for the sustainability of the natural environment?

4. To what extent is nature-based tourism policy and its implementation based on scientific (or ethnoecological) monitoring of the changes in the natural environment? Are there any success stories where tangible benefits for species, or landscape level, conservation can be identified?

5. What are the key changes at sociocultural and socioeconomic (e.g. traditional knowledge, small-scale tourism economy) levels; and how do those changes reflect ongoing transition of the natural environment?

Submission Instructions

Potential contributors are encouraged to first submit an expression of interest to the Special Issue Editor. The expression of interest (around 200 words) should clearly explain the following three aspects

  • how does the proposed work contribute to the critical analysis of nature based tourism and environmental sustainability
  • the method of the study
  • its most important conclusion(s).

Selected contributors will be contacted with an invitation to submit their full papers for consideration within 30 days of the submission deadline (see below).

Deadline for submitting Expression of Interest: 15 July 2017.

(Selected contributors are required to submit full papers by 30 October 2017).

Contact Info: 

Abhik Chakraborty 

Center for Tourism Research, Wakayma University 

930 Sakaedani, Wakayama 640-8510 Japan