New H-Environment Roundtable Editor Team

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Dear Environmental Historians,

I’m pleased to announce a new team of co-editors for the H-Environment Roundtable Reviews. Melanie Kiechle, Kara Schlichting, and Keith Woodhouse have volunteered to work together to continue the series. The four of us will work together over the next several months as I complete a few in-process roundtables as they oversee the selection of new books and the curation of future roundtables. Please join me in thanking them in advance for their (unpaid and uncompensated by their universities) service to the field. 

As outgoing editor, I’d like to once again thank the contributors to this series (both commentators and authors), without which it would be impossible, and of course, our readers. It’s been an honor and privilege to be editor for the past four years, and I look forward to seeing the great work spearheaded by Melanie, Kara, and Keith over the next several years. 

You’ll hear more from them in the future. For now, they wanted to include the following note in this announcement: “The H-Environment Roundtable Reviews series is an important venue for environmental historians to be able to talk to each other and exchange ideas. In the coming months we will be asking many of you to participate in these reviews and we hope you welcome the opportunity to engage with the scholarship of your peers. We want to continue Chris's good work thinking broadly about the environment and representing our field's diversity. Please join us in thanking Chris for the generosity and time he has given to the roundtables over the past four years. We will strive to maintain his high standard of work.  As you publish wonderful new work in environmental history, please ask your press to contact us.”


Chris Jones
Melanie Kiechle
Kara Schlichtung
Keith Woodhouse