Call for Participation: Workshop "Communicating the Climate" on Climate Science Communication at the Rachel Carson Center, 18 August 2017

Katrin Kleemann's picture

Dear colleagues,

We (Jeroen Oomen and Katrin Kleemann, two doctoral candidates at the Rachel Carson Center) are organizing a climate science communication workshop at the Rachel Carson Center in Munich, Germany, on Friday, 18 August 2017. The workshop is called "Communicating the Climate: How to communicate scholarly findings on climate and weather in a controversial time." Here you can find our call for participation and more information on the application process. The deadline to apply is 15 June. This workshop is generously supported by funds from European Union, through the Marie Curie ENHANCE ITN.

We are both working on topics that have to do with climate science, climate history, and the changing climate from a humanities perspective, and are sometimes struggling with issues of communication. How do we effectively communicate climate science, climate change, really any matter so vague and abstract as 'climate'? How do we engage with the climate science from a humanities perspective? How do we navigate the (sometimes self-imposed) divide between the natural sciences and the humanities/social sciences? Above all – and I imagine this is a question that plagues us all but may feel particularly urgent for those working on climate change related issues –, how can we communicate our work in such a way that it may actually make a difference?

We have invited people from different disciplines, and are still in the process of finalizing the program and the speakers. As it stands, we have some confirmed speakers (most notably Christoph Baumberger, a philosopher of climate models, and Dania Achermann, a RCC-alumna working on climate history).

Please share this call widely with your networks, particularly with graduate students who might be interested. 

Thank you and we look forward to your applications!