New Active History Project: Putting the Trump Environmental Transition in Perspective

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On behalf of a new group of scholars, the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative, I'd like to invite the participation of environmental historians in a a project we're undertaking.   As part of a report we are preparing on the first 100 days of the Trump Administration, we're hoping to offer some historical and comparative perspective on what will have transpired.  I'd welcome your help, first of all, with a review of the relevant historical literature.  Either as "reply" to this post or through email, could you please send citations of insightful articles, book chapters or book--with a summary of contents and argument--on the following topics?

1. Accounts and analysis of the environmental dimensions of the U.S. presidential transition to Ronald Reagan

2. Accounts and analysis of the environmental dimensions of the Canadian transition to Stephen Harper

3. Nominations, with a citation, of any other environmental transitions of a federal government that you think pertinent

All replies and a summary are going to be posted in the new H-Commons list H-Envirohealth.   If you prefer emailing, please send to and/or   

If you'd also like to get further involved with our group, please let us know.  Plenty of good work to do, and we welcome new energy and ideas.

Chris Sellers for the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative

Dear Christopher,

in 2013 I published a book concerning US and European environmental efforts between 1970 and 1975. Chapter VI illustrates nixon‘s environmental rollback of 1973/74 (cut back of environmental regulations and institutions) in the face of the „energy crisis“, which shows very similiar patterns and underlying arguments as used by the Trump administration today. Maybe it’s interesting to you:

Schulz-Walden, Thorsten: Anfänge globaler Umweltpolitik. Umweltsicherheit in der internationalen Politik (1969–1975). München: Oldenbourg Verlag 2013 (= Studien zur Internationalen Geschichte, Vol. 33.).

My best,
Thorsten Schulz-Walden