WOOL-ART World Congress Environmental History Charity Announcement

Verena Winiwarter Discussion

Dear colleagues and friends,

are you coming to the ESEH conference in Berne, Switzerland this August? See: https://www.eseh2023.unibe.ch/

Have you considered helping young scholars obtain travel support to come to the 4th World Congress of Environmental History in Oulu, Finland 19-23 August 2024? See. https://wceh2024.com/

For regulars of ASEH and ESEH, the charity table in the book exhibit will be a known thing to look forward to.

But even good things have to end. I have been knitting for ICEHO travel support for many years. I enjoyed knitting for a good cause, but now I am moving on, and knitting for ICEHO will end with this ESEH. 

I have been knitting in 2022 und 2023 with my old friend Verena Lechner for one last time. We have socks, beautiful Tunisian crochet beanies, hair scrunchies and several shawls available for those of you who are willing to donate to ICEHO to fund scholarships. See: https://www.iceho.org/

Currently, 33 unique projects are packed into boxes ready to go, and more socks are in the making. If you wish to reserve an item, I have made a pdf "catalogue" of photos and size information, Please e-mail me and I'll let you have the pdf. The shawls will require a sizeable donation, as they are worth several weeks, even months of work, but they are unique designs by me and you will own (or be able to gift) a truly singular item. 

But this is not all: As a farewell gift to the scholarly community, I offer the once-in-your-lifetime opportunity to order socks in a particular size and color range (as you know, they are all multi-colored, but you can let me know the spectrum from which to pick). I can do ca. 6 more pairs until Berne, so the FIRST 6 orders will surely be honored - and I can send you a photo of the available yarn immediately for you to choose. An extra donation for the personalized projects would be welcome :-)

Btw: The time of Berne is perfect: You can do your Christman Shopping while being at the conference and be relaxed all autumn and winter about it.

Send your requests for pdf catalogue and socks to verena.winiwarter@oeaw.ac.at

See you all in Bern,

Verena Winiwarter