H-Environment Roundtable on Black, The Global Frontier

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Dear Colleagues,

As we head to Boston--or lament that we can't attend ASEH this year--I'm delighted to share some reading material to prime conversations. This roundtable on Megan Black's The Global Frontier: Mineral Frontiers and American Power is a fascinating conversation that ranges well beyond mining and diplomacy as it spans two presidential administrations since the publication of the 2019 Marsh Prize winner. As an open-access forum, H-Environment Roundtables are available free of charge. Please enjoy and distribute widely.



Roundtable Review, Vol. 13, No. 3 (2023)

Author: Megan Black

Title: The Global Frontier: Mineral Frontiers and American Power

Commentators: Shellen X. Wu, Sarah Stanford-McIntyre, Brian Leech, Jacob Darwin Hamblin

Editor: Melanie A. Kiechle