Call for Applicants: Incorporating Latin America and the Caribbean into Teaching in Environmental History

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Call for Applicants: Incorporating Latin America and the Caribbean into Teaching in Environmental History 

Applications are now open for a one-day pedagogy workshop organized by RECSLAC (Red de Estudios de las Ciencias y los Saberes en Latinoamérica y el Caribe) on integrating  Latin American and Caribbean history of science into teaching in adjacent fields. The workshop will be held just before the HSS conference in Portland, starting on the afternoon of November 8 and ending at midday on November 9, 2023. We seek participants from diverse backgrounds interested in learning more about Latin American history of science and the environment and integrating content on the region into their courses. The workshop will be suitable for people who are not experts in Latin America and will be particularly useful for advanced graduate students and early career faculty and professionals. RECSLAC will offer scholarships to at least five US-based and five Latin America-based students, early career scholars, or contingent faculty members to offset the cost of travel to the workshop and attendance at the HSS meeting. We encourage workshop participants to attend the History of Science Society meeting and present their work. The application materials for the HSS meeting can be found on the HSS website.


The workshop will be led by Fred Freitas (North Carolina State University), Claudia Leal (Universidad de los Andes), and Emily Wakild (Boise State University). Workshop facilitators are a team of three Latin American historians of science and the environment with expertise in a variety of times and places but the workshop will emphasize the nineteenth and twentieth-century periods.


The overarching goal of the workshop is to inspire and empower more historians to teach about Latin American science and environment. Participants will come away with concrete ideas for teaching modules they could build into existing classes or design new courses around. The specific focus areas for the modules will be Animals, Forests, and Conservation Science. The modules we prepare will include peer-reviewed readings, primary sources, and ideas generated from the discussion. The workshop will be hands-on and model strategies and structures that work well to engage students in these topics. By considering the role of pedagogy and the practice of revising a course, this workshop aims to provide those unfamiliar with Latin America and the Caribbean insights for their history classes. 


The workshop will be held in English.


Applicants should fill out this form by Monday, April 24, 2023. Please email for questions.