OAH 2019 - Natural Disasters and Slave Revolts - Form a Panel

Kathryn Olivarius's picture

Hi all, 

I am interested in putting together a panel for OAH 2019 on how enslaved people used natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, epidemic disease, etc.) to their advantage in rebelling against their enslavement. As natural disasters often triggered social, institutional, and political disorder, these moments could be both extremely perilous and terrifying events and opportunities for people to run away, rise up, and (re)negotiate various aspects of their slave-status. I will present on the remarkable coincidence of yellow fever epidemics and slave revolts in the Lower Mississippi River Valley and Greater Caribbean in the early-nineteenth century, but it would be wonderful to put together a panel that spans time and space, or various forms of coerced/unfree labor. 

If interested, please email me at koli [at] stanford.edu