Call for Participants: ASEH 2023 Roundtable on Cartography & GIS in Environmental History

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I am seeking participants for a roundtable on cartography and mapmaking for ASEH 2023. The broad goal is to help environmental historians incorporate maps into their research, either by making their own maps or by seeking out the help of GIS librarians and cartographers. Some sample topics: the changing role of maps and GIS in environmental history scholarship, how to find and hire a cartographer, “what is a GIS librarian?”, collecting and packaging geospatial data, geospatial data sources for environmental historians, and whatever else might come to mind on the subject. I’m aiming for a mix of scholars, GIS specialists, and cartographers on the panel, so feel free to spread the word to any librarians or mapmakers you think might be interested!


Geoffrey Wallace (G. Wallace Cartography & GIS)