Welcome new H-Environment editors!

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Dear H-Environment,

Please join us in welcoming Goran Durdevic, Kristian Mennen, and Minglei “Hart” Zhang to our editorial team. It is exciting to bring on new editors with different perselctives to H-Environment. They will be sharing network editorial responsibilities in the near future.

Goran Đurđević is a Croatian-born archaeologist and ancient environmental historian who works as a lecturer at Beijing Foreign Studies University. He is educated in Croatia (BA and MA degrees in Archaeology and History (double major) at the University of Zadar), India (online PG Diploma in Comparative Mythology at the Mumbai University), China (Ph.D. degree in Archaeology at Capital Normal University in Beijing- thesis Reflection in Qin – Han and Roman Art: a comparative study of ancient mirrors, 2021, main supervisor: Ning Qiang) and the USA (one semester as visiting graduate researcher at the UCLA). Research interests are in three main focuses: a) global antiquities and comparative archaeology, b) digital humanities, c) environmental humanities. Currently, he (co-)leads the digital humanities project Mirror Studies (www.mirrorstudies.com). Goran teaches courses: Global Ancient Worlds, Empires: Comparative Perspectives, Environmental Humanities, Digital Humanities. I am very pleased to join the H-Net Environment family and looking forward to future cooperation and contributions.

Dr Kristian Mennen is originally a political historian, but joined the field of environmental history in 2019. He recently completed a postdoc project at Radboud University in Nijmegen about the policy-making of nature conservation in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, 1930-1960, and is now looking for a follow-up project as a next step in his career. Among his main research interests are the political aspects and entanglements of (international) nature conservation and the emerging environmental movement in the twentieth century. Kristian Mennen is looking forward to supporting and contributing to the working of the H-Environment network as an editor. 

Minglei "Hart" Zhang is a Ph.D. student in Communication and Environment Humanities at the University of Maine. His research interests explore ethico-onto-epistemology of communication in shaping cultural processes and practices across historical and contemporary contexts, focusing on cultural diversity and exclusion in relation to the environment. Hart is happy to join this fantastic team as an Editor and contribute to community building. Any advice/thought is welcome!


Greg Dehler, E-Environment

Welcome, Goran, Kristian, and Hart, from one of the original H-Environment editors! I hope you can help keep the list current and relevant to today's environmental history scholars!

Mark Stoll
Texas Tech University

As a (former) long-time editor on a related list, H-ASIA, I thank Minglei, Kristian and Goran for stepping forward to shoulder this responsibility!
Sumit Guha