Online thinking lab: "How to care for air? Situating atmosphere through bodies, technologies and imaginaries," Khoj Studios,17-18 May 2022.

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How to care for air? Situating atmosphere through bodies, technologies and imaginaries

Online thinking lab at Khoj Studios,17-18 May 2022.

(15.30-17.00 CET / 19.00-20.30 IST both days) 

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How to care for air, which is intangible and largely imperceptible by human senses, yet crucial for our existence? This hybrid event will bring together practitioners from across the fields of art and academia with the aim to — through interdisciplinary inquiry — broaden reductivist understandings of air as merely a sum of gasses in order to generate more relational and ecological imaginaries of air as a connective tissue connecting terrestrial bodies, flows of matter, radiation, information and the outer atmosphere, while at the same time carrying epoch-defining technologies such as satellites and wireless communication.

Acknowledging that interdisciplinarity and collectivity are neither easy to achieve nor innocent, this event will provide a moment for thoughtful reflection on how to collectively cultivate considerate, accountable and noncoercive human-atmosphere relations without disregarding structural inequalities and socioecological aspects.

The event is initiated by the interdisciplinary research collaborative Towards Atmospheric Care (Hanna Husberg and Agata Marzecova) with invited participants: scholar Harshavardhan Bhat, curator Taru Elfving, media scholar Rahul Mukherjee, artist Karolina Sobecka, gender scholar Liu Xin, and the Khoj team. Each presenter will have 15 minutes to share their work followed by Q&A and a panel discussion with all presenters on the second day.

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