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Williams Gray on Estes, 'Surfing the South: The Search for Waves and the People Who Ride Them' Review H-Net Reviews 01/09/2023 - 10:30am
Kerr on McDonald and Vandersommers, 'Zoo Studies: A New Humanities' Review H-Net Reviews 08/05/2020 - 12:25am
Tomar on Saha, 'Colonizing Animals: Interspecies Empire in Myanmar' Review H-Net Reviews 02/14/2023 - 11:26am
Sowards on Rothman, 'The Greening of a Nation? Environmentalism in the United States Since 1945' Review H-Net Reviews 12/01/1998 - 12:00am
Adamson on Wight, 'Oil Money: Middle East Petrodollars and the Transformation of the US Empire, 1967-1988' Review H-Net Reviews 05/25/2022 - 9:52am
Crane on Montgomery and Bolton and Booth and Wall, 'Restoration of Puget Sound Rivers' Review H-Net Reviews 10/01/2003 - 12:00am
Hale-Dorrell on Cameron, 'The Hungry Steppe: Famine, Violence, and the Making of Soviet Kazakhstan' Review H-Net Reviews 12/08/2020 - 12:22pm
Bouchard on Test, 'Sacred Seeds: New World Plants in Early Modern English Literature' Review H-Net Reviews 02/05/2021 - 12:30pm
Evans on Fitting, 'The Struggle for Maize: Campesinos, Workers, and Transgenic Corn in the Mexican Countryside' Review H-Net Reviews 08/08/2011 - 3:45pm
Kaluba Jickson on Barnes, 'Staple Security: Bread and Wheat in Egypt' Review H-Net Reviews 05/08/2023 - 11:40am
Lang on Healey, 'Frederick Weyerhaeuser and the American West' Review H-Net Reviews 01/05/2014 - 1:16pm
Muscolino on Spoor and Heerink and Qu, 'Dragons with Clay Feet? Transition, Sustainable Land Use, and Rural Environment in China and Vietnam' Review H-Net Reviews 07/01/2007 - 12:00am
McCully on Stradling, 'The Nature of New York: An Environmental History of the Empire State' Review H-Net Reviews 01/20/2011 - 3:13pm
Han on Songster, 'Panda Nation: The Construction and Conservation of China's Modern Icon' Review H-Net Reviews 05/10/2021 - 2:53pm
Ozbilge on Estes and Dhillon, 'Standing with Standing Rock: Voices from the #NoDAPL Movement' Review H-Net Reviews 06/28/2020 - 1:50am
Deutsch on Anderson, 'Capitalist Pigs: Pigs, Pork, and Power in America' Review H-Net Reviews 09/12/2020 - 12:32pm
Hancock on Shay, 'Under Prairie Skies: The Plants and Native Peoples of the Northern Plains' Review H-Net Reviews 01/30/2023 - 10:19am
Mitchell on Herron and Kirk, 'Human/Nature: Biology, Culture, and Environmental History' Review H-Net Reviews 08/01/2001 - 12:00am
Stoll on Dunlap, 'Faith in Nature: Environmentalism as Religious Quest' Review H-Net Reviews 09/01/2004 - 12:00am
Thompsell on Mulwafu, 'Conservation Song: A History of Peasant-State Relations and the Environment in Malawi, 1860-2000' Review H-Net Reviews 01/31/2012 - 2:34am
Leech on Jones, 'Routes of Power: Energy and Modern America' Review H-Net Reviews 10/06/2015 - 10:02am
Burnard on Chenoweth, 'The Eighteenth-Century Climate of Jamaica Derived from the Journals of Thomas Thistlewood, 1750-1786' Review H-Net Reviews 08/01/2005 - 12:00am
Jones on Wellock, 'Preserving the Nation: The Conservation and Environmental Movements, 1870-2000' Review H-Net Reviews 03/11/2009 - 5:56am
Wiseman on Frank and Jakobsen, 'Arctic Archives: Ice, Memory and Entropy' Review H-Net Reviews 01/25/2021 - 12:58pm
Mandelman on McCool, 'River Republic: The Fall and Rise of America's Rivers' Review H-Net Reviews 01/16/2013 - 4:02pm