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Glaser on Barthel-Bouchier, 'Cultural Heritage and the Challenge of Sustainability' Review H-Net Reviews 06/01/2014 - 12:51pm
Youngs on Frank, 'Making Rocky Mountain National Park: The Environmental History of an American Treasure' Review H-Net Reviews 11/28/2014 - 2:36pm
Miłosz on Cowdy, 'Canadian Suburban: Reimagining Space and Place in Postwar English Canadian Fiction' Review H-Net Reviews 11/29/2022 - 9:44am
Bush on Stewart, 'The Wreck of the San Francisco: Disaster and Aftermath in the Great Hurricane of December 1853' Review H-Net Reviews 03/02/2022 - 11:40am
Venit-Shelton on Chowkwanyun, 'All Health Politics Is Local: Community Battles for Medical Care and Environmental Health' Review H-Net Reviews 01/11/2023 - 11:07am
Winiwarter on Hughes, 'Pan's Travail: Environmental Problems of the Ancient Greeks and Romans' Review H-Net Reviews 05/01/1999 - 12:00am
Binnema on Merchant, 'The Columbia Guide to American Environmental History' Review H-Net Reviews 11/01/2003 - 12:00am
Fahringer on Grego, 'Hurricane Jim Crow: How the Great Sea Island Storm of 1893 Shaped the Lowcountry South' Review H-Net Reviews 05/10/2023 - 12:25pm
Haggerty on Carlson, 'Cattle: An Informal Social History' Review H-Net Reviews 06/01/2005 - 12:00am
Labrecque on Allen, 'Earthworks Rising: Mound Building in Native Literature and Arts' Review H-Net Reviews 09/30/2022 - 8:31am
Wiedenfeld on , 'Between Midnight and the Rooster's Crow' Review H-Net Reviews 09/01/2006 - 12:00am
Mandelman on McCool, 'River Republic: The Fall and Rise of America's Rivers' Review H-Net Reviews 01/16/2013 - 4:02pm
Muka on Elias, 'Coral Empire: Underwater Oceans, Colonial Tropics, Visual Modernity' Review H-Net Reviews 04/30/2020 - 12:07pm
Campuzano Duque on Nobbs-Thiessen, 'Landscape of Migration: Mobility and Environmental Change on Bolivia's Tropical Frontier, 1952 to the Present' Review H-Net Reviews 12/14/2022 - 1:19am
Rozum on Register, 'The Big Marsh: The Story of a Lost Landscape' Review H-Net Reviews 04/16/2018 - 3:36pm
Kheraj on Ingram, 'Wildlife, Conservation, and Conflict in Quebec, 1840-1914' Review H-Net Reviews 03/25/2015 - 4:03pm
Ockert on Buss, 'Willy Ley: Prophet of the Space Age' Review H-Net Reviews 07/01/2020 - 12:05pm
Bailey on Kelly, 'The Hunter Elite: Manly Sport, Hunting Narratives, and American Conservation, 1880-1925' Review H-Net Reviews 09/17/2020 - 10:53am
Phillips on Wilson Jr., 'Northern Paiutes of the Malheur: High Desert Reckoning in Oregon Country' Review H-Net Reviews 03/09/2023 - 10:52am
Sieferle on Foster, 'Marx's Ecology: Materialism and Nature' Review H-Net Reviews 12/01/2001 - 12:00am
Evenden on Baker, 'Geography and History: Bridging the Divide' Review H-Net Reviews 12/01/2004 - 12:00am
Kitson on Reinarz, 'Past Scents: Historical Perspectives on Smell' Review H-Net Reviews 11/20/2016 - 8:51am
Flippen on Lutter and Shogren, 'Painting the White House Green' Review H-Net Reviews 06/01/2007 - 12:00am
Morin on Maysilles, 'Ducktown Smoke: The Fight over One of the South's Greatest Environmental Disasters' Review H-Net Reviews 10/06/2011 - 12:38pm
Gao on Tilt, 'The Struggle for Sustainability in Rural China: Environmental Values and Civil Society' Review H-Net Reviews 01/07/2011 - 4:33am