Syllabi Project HABSBURG

Since the early 1990s part of HABSBURG’s mission has been to promote the study of the former Habsburg lands and its successor states. The founder of this platform started collecting syllabi on the history and culture of the region. They were published on the HABSBURG website until 2012. The migration to the new platform H-Net Commons resulted in taking them offline. Now the editorial team has decided to reinvigorate and reimagine how we can share the archived syllabi on topics of interest to our readers and how we can invite further submissions.

The archived syllabi:

  • 54 courses ranging from 1500 till the present with a focus on the 20th century 
  • in English
  • created between 1995 and 2004

The new syllabi: We welcome submission on a variety of historical periods and subjects and in any language.

GUIDELINES on how to submit:

  1. You may only post your own syllabi.
  2. As with all posts to the network, the syllabus should deal largely with the history of the Habsburg monarchy or one or more of the former Habsburg lands.
  3. Please refer to the CHECKLIST on what to include and the required layout. You must include a short description (max. 500 words) of the syllabus to help guide readers to ones that meet their interests.
  4. The submission works the same as when submitting a post. Click on the "Upload a Resource" button on the right hand side.
  5. After submitting it, the editorial team of HABSBURG will review it and post it.
  6. Once posted, a syllabus cannot be removed per H-Net’s policies.

On how to USE our syllabi platform:

  • The LIST – the syllabi are listed according to publish date
  • The MAP – On this map, the editorial team notes which area and century the lecture focuses on. By clicking on the broken rectangular symbol on the top right corner, a new window opens. There one can select the century one is interested in by removing the check in the box left to the sub-headings, thus only displaying lectures which fits one’s time and region requirements. Each dot on the map is linked to the detail page of each lecture. 

On the detail page (example: German/English) you will find a short description and a PDF-File containing the syllabi.


  • Course Title
  • For each creator of the syllabi:
    • Name
    • Affiliation
    • Contact details
  • Short description (approx. 200 words):
  • Grading / course requirements:
  • Literature needed for the course:
  • Lecture and Workshop Schedule:
  • Reading Schedule:

The authors of syllabi available on this site have personally submitted the documents for the purpose of discussion and education. The syllabi are presented as a source of information and should not be copied wholesale.