Categories & Tags HABSBURG

"Categories and Tags are used to classify content so that it can be located and used again.  Imagine a filing cabinet: the labels on the drawers could be considered Categories, with each folder in that drawer being a Tag.  However, unlike a filing cabinet, an individual file or posting at the Commons can have more than one Category and/or Tag." (H-Net Help Desk)

The following CATEGORIES are used by HABSBURG in order to organize the content of the network.

  • Announcement 
  • Article Alert 
  • Book Reviews
  • Call for Papers - a list of all CFPs
  • Conferences & Conferences Report 
  • Course Syllabi - collection of syllabi on the history and culture of the region
  • Habsburg Discussion Network - contains all posts with general information on the Network (subscriptions, about, guidelines, etc.)
  • H-Net Guides - contains guides provided by the H-Net Team with useful explanation on how to subscribe, how to post, etc. 
  • H-Net Job Guide
  • Query - a list of all queries posted on HABSBURG
  • Prize & Grants 
  • Table of Contents 
  • Theses 
  • Web Resources 
  • Date posted - a list of all posts published in:

TAGs depend on the content of the post as it helps to identify the topic of the content. While categories can only be assigned by the editor, tags can be added by the subscriber as well as editor. A list of tags used on HABSBURG can be accessed here:

OLD Categories used until August 15, 2018 (H-Net Update). By clicking on it you can easily retrieve all posts in each category: