Submitting posts HABSBURG

We've moved to the H-Net Commons! HABSBURG is no longer accepting postings via listserv.

If you would like to submit something to the network, please refer first to our Post Guidelines. Then depending on whether you have already an account or not, whether you are already subscribed to HABSBURG or not, the following steps are necessary:

1) no account - please visit and create an account

2) If you do have an account, log in, select HABSBURG from the list of networks at and click "subscribe" to  request  a subscription. After your subscription has been accepted by the editors, you will be able to submit a post.

3) Already subscribed to HABSBURG? Log in, visit the network, and submit there by clicking on "Creating a new discussion post". See below for further tips on how to personalize your post!

4) Reply to a post

At the bottom of each Email notifications you will find the option to "Read more or reply". When you click on it, you are taken to the post and at the top right corner you find the option: Reply to this post. A web page will open with many fresh options for preparing your message. At the top of the text window where you write your message you’ll see little icons for applets that add features to your message. Following options are available in creating your message by using the text editor: 

  • Formatting - italics, bold, underline, right/center justification, bulleted and numbered lists, etc.  
  • Link to other websites
  • Link to video or audio (such as YouTube)
  • Paste documents from MS Word. Use the “paste from Word” applet.
  • Using HTML - the text editor can render most basic HTML code; click "source" in the applet toolbar to expose and edit the code. 

Need help? Write or visit

We look forward to seeing you at HABSBURG!