Subscribing HABSBURG

Depending on whether you have an account or not the following steps are necessary:

  1. no account - please visit and create an account
  2. If you do have an account, log in and go to list of networks at and type in the search field HABSBURG, click on it and the network website opens. In the right side bar you find the butteon "subscribe to this network", click on it. After your subscription has been accepted by the editors, you will be able to submit a post. For further tips on how to create a post click here.

Managing your Subscriptions – some helpful tips:

A) You are getting too much mail? – There are several options:

  • Set your notifications to digest. 
    click “manage your notifications” at the bottom of any notification, log in, and next to your HABSBURG subscription, choose “digest” from the drop down.  Now you’ll get one daily file of discussion postings sent out around midnight Eastern time.
  • Get RSS feeds. 
    At the bottom of our front page, there are RSS links to Discussions, Reviews and all posted content. You can use it with any web browser als well as email program. Our colleagues from H-Sport put together some instructions as well as further tips, which can be accessed here

B) Personalize your setup
Underneath the silhouette in the top right corner is quick access to your settings:

  • your profile
  • networks – a list of networks you are subscribed to. Here you can also unsubscribe!
  • notification settings – here you can decide for each network you are subscribed to if you want to get daily digested mails or individual mails on each posting
  • your account - reset passwords, time zone, etc.
  • content – a summary of all of your submitted posts
  • your MyHNet headquarters – an introduction on how to personalize your space is offered by the H-Net guide “Getting started with MyHNet” 

Need further help?
Write or visit