TOC: Iberian Queens and Court Portraiture in the Seventeenth Century, The Court Historian Journal 27, nº 3.

Guest edited by Mercedes Llorente and with a foreword by Luc Duerloo, the special issue Iberian Queens and Court Portraiture in the Seventeenth Century of the journal The Court Historian, vol. 27, no. 3, has several Habsburg-related papers:



The Pictorial Representation of Margaret of Austria, Queen of Spain: Between Luxury and Devotion

Slovak Studies Assoc. Prize for Best Graduate Paper (Deadline: June 1, 2023)

Slovak Studies Association Prize for Best Graduate Paper, 2023 

At its annual November 2023 meeting, during the ASEEES conference, the Slovak Studies Association will award a prize for the best graduate student paper in the humanities and social sciences about Slovakia presented in 2020 or later.  Submissions must be in English, but the conferences where the papers were presented may have taken place outside the English-speaking world.  The authors are to be members in good


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