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Please find below the CfP for the European Culture Research Network at the Council for European Studies. The conference takes place in June, live in Lisbon and on-line.
Please note that the deadline for contributions to the Mini-symposium organized by the ECRN is October 1.
The deadline for independently constituted panels, roundtables, other mini-symposia, and individual conference papers is Oct 15.
For questions or clarifications, please reach out to the mini-symposium organizers.
Please share broadly with your contacts. And hopefully we will see you in June, in person or online!



Call for Papers


The European Culture Research Network (ECRN) of

the Council for European Studies

invites submissions for papers for

the 28th International Conference of Europeanists


Culture and the Environment of Democracy


Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa | Lisbon, Portugal

June 20-22, 2022 [virtual sessions], June 29 - July 1 [in-person sessions]


The ECRN invites submissions for a mini-symposium on “Culture and the Environment of Democracy.”


 Please send proposals for the mini-symposium by October 1 to Michael Gott ( , Angela Runciman (, Arina Rotaru ( , Azadeh Sharifi ( and Claske Vos ( Please indicate your participation preference: online, on-site, or no preference.


In addition, we welcome session proposals or individual abstracts on all aspects of European culture.

 Sessions involve a moderator and discussants, and can take four forms:

·       Paper panels consist of 4-5 papers organized around a common theme with comments provided by a discussant.

·       Book panels (also known as "Author Meets Critics") bring together 4-6 scholars to debate a recent publication in the field and are moderated by a chair.

·       Roundtables assemble 4-6 scholars to discuss a common theme, idea, or topic with moderation provided by a chair.

·       Mini-Symposia are thematic clusters of 3-5 sessions of any of the above types grouped together.


ECRN Mini-Symposium

Culture and the Environment of Democracy

This CfP seeks contributions that explore the relation of culture to the quality of environment and of democracy. Culture is the vector by which we address and organize our world increasingly under duress. And yet environmental and political degradation also threaten people’s access to culture, their ability to participate in and shape culture. We approach culture in its broadest sense here: from cultural practices, mechanisms of production, collective identities, to objects and texts in their reception.


With your contributions, we hope to establish a series of panels that look into the relation of culture to the quality of environment and of democracy in its multifaceted ways.


Papers are especially welcome that attend to:

●      The interrelation between cultural access, public sphere, cultural institutions as ‘third spaces’ of encounter and democratic practice;

●      Practices of cultural sharing, commons, collaboration and participation related to environment, sustainability and/or democracy;

●      The environmental/ ecological humanities - the representation of new materialisms, new ontologies and post-anthropocentric approaches (such as Nature-Culture debates, more-than-human etc.);

●      The interrelation between cultural activism, the environment, inclusiveness and democratization;

●      The entanglement of notions of race and class with environmental change and democratization process;

●      “Cultural Ecosystems on Screen and In Literature - Representation and cultural meanings and uses of forests, water, waterways, seas, forests and water or waterways as cultural ecosystems (might include deforestation/reforestation, resource extraction, migration, indigenous cultures, tradition, ecocriticism);

●      The transversality of cultural policy – cultural policy as vector of environmental policy, sustainability and democratization processes;

●      Cultures of greenwashing in Europe;

●      The role of the environment in cultural production.


Send proposals before October 1 to  Michael Gott ( , Angela Runciman (, Arina Rotaru ( , Azadeh Sharifi ( and Claske Vos ( Please indicate your participation preference: online, on-site, or no preference.



Open Call for panels, roundtables, mini-symposia

The ECRN/CES welcomes paper and session submissions on all aspects of European Culture:

e.g. Longing and Belonging to Places and Communities; Perceptions/Images/Stereotypes of Place, Nation, Group; Migration, Exile and Belonging; Empires and Imperialism; Migration, Multiculturalism, Religion, Ethnicity; Borders and Boundaries; Allegiance, Nostalgia, Mythology; New Readings of Iconic Texts; Genres and Styles: Realist, Utopian, Dystopian; Media Adaptations and Rewritings; Transnational Memories; (Post)colonial and De-colonial Critique; Eastern- and Central European Studies; Sexuality and Gender Studies; Imagology, Myth-and Folklore Criticism; Radicalism and Violence; European Avant-gardes; Cosmopolitics; Eurocentrism contestation and non-European epistemologies; Europe and the World.


Submit proposals directly to the Council for European Studies by Oct 15


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