ANN: Opera historica 2021, Nr. 1 Discussing The 1619 Project

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Dear colleagues, a new issue of Opera historica 2021/1 has been published. It includes also a discussion on the 1619 Project and the efforts to reframe the early American history with an important essay by Sean Wilentz. 



Miroslav Beneš, John Knox and Christopher Goodman in the (im)mortal Fight against Women, Bastards and Outlanders (CZ)

Ondřej Lee Stolička, The Selection of Central-European Knights for the Order of the Golden Fleece during the Regency of Spanish Queen Mariana of Austria (1665-1675) (CZ) 

Matthieu Magne, Art in everyday life in the Habsburg monarchy. Count Charles-Joseph de Clary-Aldringen (1777-1831) (EN)

János Urgai, Hungarian Consequences of the Toleration Missions to Bohemia and Moravia around 1800 (EN)


Sean Wilentz, The 1619 Project and Living in Truth (EN)

Ivo Cerman, America’s Racist Founding? An East-European View (EN)

Anthony Flood, The History of Herbert Aptheker: Partisanship’s Threat to Truth-telling (EN)

Editions and documents

Jonathan Singerton, Science, Revolution, and Monarchy in Two Letters of Joseph Donath to František Antonín Steinský (EN)

Book Reviews

Link to the reviews (CZ)

What's New in Early Modern Studies

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