TOC - Nationalities Papers 49 (4): 1918 and the Ambiguities of "Old-New Europe"

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Nationalities Papers volume 49, issue 4 has published and is available on Cambridge Core. This is a special issue, "1918 and the Ambiguities of 'Old-New Europe.'"

Links below provide free access to individual articles on the publisher's website.

State of the Field

A New Wave of Research on Civilizational Politics
Henry E. Hale, Marlene Laruelle

Special Issue Articles

Introduction: 1918 and the Ambiguities of "Old-New Europe"
John Paul Newman, Lili Zách

'Compulsory Independence': Irish Nationalist Images of Empire and Republic after the Birth of Independent German-Austria, 1919–1922
Lili Zách

"Completely Forgotten and Totally Ignored": Czechoslovak Veterans of the Austro-Hungarian Army and the Transitions of 1918–1919
Jiří Hutečka

End of War or End of State? 1918 in the Public Memories of Post-Communist Croatia and Serbia
Tea Sindbæk Andersen, Ismar Dedović

Women's Organizations and Antisemitism: The First Parliamentary Elections in Independent Poland
Aneta Stępień


In Search of the Land of Rus': The Idea of Ukraine in the Imagination of the Little Russian Movement (1917–1919)
Gennadii Korolov

Historians as Activists: History Writing in Times of War. The Case of Ukraine in 2014–2018
Yuliya Yurchuk

The Curse of Displacement: Local Narratives of Forced Expulsion and the Appropriation of Abandoned Property in Abkhazia
Andrea Peinhopf

Third Rome or Potemkin Village: Analyzing the Extend of Russia's Power in Serbia, 2012–2019
Ernest A. Reid

Unraveling the Black Mountain: Authoritarian Submission and Party Preference in Montenegro
Jovana Davidović

Russian Strategic Narratives on R2P in the 'Near Abroad'
Juris Pupcenkos, Eric James Seltzer

The Debate about Soviet Genocide in Lithuania in the Case Law of The European Court of Human Rights
Dovilė Sagatienė

And two reviews