ToC: Family and emotions - New issue of the Hungarian Historical Review

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The Hungarian Historical Review's new issue on family and emotions is out, including:

Gabriella Erdélyi: Negotiating Widowhood and Female Agency in Seventeenth-Century Hungary 

Angelika Orgona: Loving Husbands, Caring Fathers, Glorious Ancestors: Male Family Roles in Early Modern Transylvania 

Zsófia Kucserka: Friends or Enemies? Sisterhood in Nineteenth-Century Hungarian Novels and Diaries 

Edina Tünde Gál: Impoverished by Cholera: Widows, Widowers, and Orphans after the 1873 Cholera Epidemic in Kolozsvár 

Emese Gyimesi: The Stepfamily from Children’s Perspectives in Pest-Buda in the 1860s 


All papers are available here: