Call for Participation: Graduate Students Online Year-Long Workshop

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From: Orel Beilinson (Univ. Yale)

Dear all,

Since my attempts to found a working group for Central and Eastern European history at Yale failed (due to lack of students working on the region...), I am extending a call for participation in an online graduate workshop that will meet continuously throughout the year to exchange drafts and to discuss exciting new frontiers in the history of the late Habsburg Empire and its successor states to 1945.

The name of the group, Krúžok, is deliberately in Slovak. I am intending this workshop to focus on work-in-progress that explores geographical, chronological, thematic, and/or methodological peripheries and new directions in our field of study. Yugoslavia/Romania etc. are also included in our scope.

I am even more encouraging graduate students working in local Central and Eastern European universities to present their work, particularly if they intend to publish in an Anglosphere journal.

Interested students should write to with a short biography and a short description of their dissertation research. Please indicate whether you wish to present (and if so, what kind of work: chapter/article manuscript/something shorter). Ideally, each presentation will have two or three leading commentators to facilitate the discussion.

Looking forward to hearing from you/your students!