HABSBURG Discussion Network 2020 - Network Editor

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Starting 2020 we want to take the opportunity to introduce one of HABSBURG's two editorial teams to you: the network editor. They are responsible for the day to day business of moderating, editing, soliciting and commission contributions to HABSBURG. 

Currently three network editors are serving on the editorial board: 

Timothy Olin joined HABSBURG in 2015. He is responsible for moderation and various other duties as needed. He is an Assistant Professor of History at Central College in Pella, Iowa. He received his PhD from Purdue University in 2015. His research interests include migration, borderlands, and conflict, particularly in the eighteenth century. For a full C.V. with publications and presentations, please refer to his faculty page: https://www.central.edu/faculty/timothy-olin/.

Robyn Dora Radway joined HABSBURG in 2018. She is responsible for moderation and the Book List. She is an Assistant Professor of History at Central European University in Budapest/Vienna. She received her Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2017, where she wrote a dissertation on the layered diplomacies that crisscrossed the Habsburg-Ottoman borderlands in the sixteenth century. Her research and teaching interests include material culture, information networks, histories of the book, and imperial entanglements in Central Europe. For her full C.V., please refer to her faculty webpage: https://people.ceu.edu/robyn-dora_radway.

Marion Romberg joined HABSBURG in 2010. Besides moderation duties she is responsible for the website, the subscription management and HABSBURG’s new Twitter account (@HabsburgNetwork). Currently she is working as a project member in the research project "Empress and Empire: Ceremonials, Media, and Rulership" at the Austrian Academy of Sciences' Institut for Habsburg and Balkan Studies [1] (Vienna) and as a lecturer at the University of Vienna’s Department of History. Prior to that she worked in various research projects at the University of Vienna: 2017 “Baroque Fraternities as patrons of arts in parish churches" (financed by Gerda Henkel Foundation); 2012–2015 "Continent Allegories in the Baroque Age", 2007–2010 "The diaries of Cardinal Ernst Adalbert von Harrach (1598–1667). Edition and Commentary". She received her PhD in 2015 on the topic of continent allegories in South Germany parish churches in the prince bishopric of Augsburg in the 18th century (published 2017). Her fields of interests lie in Early Modern History and range from Visual Studies to History of Piety and courtly culture of representations. She holds degrees in Business Studies, Art History, and History and serves voluntarily also on the Vienna based board of the Austrian Society for Eighteenth Century Studies (ÖGE 18). For further information, a list of publications and talks please refer to her website:  http://www.marionromberg.eu

If you are interested in joining us as a network editor, please take a look at our “join the team” page on HABSBURG.

We are happy to answer any question you have, check out our Q/A-page or just get in touch with us via editorial-habsburg@mail.h-net.msu.edu

With best wishes for 2020,
Marion, Robyn and Tim
HABSBURG network editors

[1] Till 31 December 2019 Institute for Modern and Contemporary Historical Research / Institut für Neuzeit- und Zeitgeschichtsforschung (INZ) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna (Austria).