Query: Attendance to the Provincial Diets of the Austrian Empire during the 1820s

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Dear Colleagues,

I am currently analysing the activities of the Galician Diet from 1817 to 1845, and I am interested in getting a comparative perspective regarding attendance as part of a broader project reevaluating the atttitudes of Galician nobles (included untitled landowners) towards the Habsburg state in the period before 1848.

In the Galician case, excepting the Diets of 1817 (opened with the Emperor's presence) and 1818 attendance was below 100 averaging 71 members attending during the 1820s, and about the same for average for most of the 1830 with attendance above 100 for most of the 1840s when the Diet became active in promoting regional reforms. During this time the number of those eligible to attend was just above 300. So I am curious to learn from others how that compares with attendance in Diets with greater historical provenance like in Bohemia and Hungary, but also elsewhere.

While it would be nice for this to blossom into a conversation, I would very much appreciate those responding to provide source references which I could then cite. Sources can be in German, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian or English.  


Hugo Lane

York College CUNY