CONF: Europe and the East: ​Self and Other in the History of the European Idea, Norwich, June 2017

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Europe and the East: Self and Other in the History of the European Idea

8th Annual Symposium of the Research Network on the History of the Idea of Europe

University of East Anglia, 14-16 June 2017


Wednesday, 14 June 2017 | Council Chamber

12.00-1.00 Registration and Sandwiches

1.00-1.30 Welcome

1.30-2.45 Panel 1: Theory, Historiography, and Religion (Chair: Rolf Petri)

  • Gavin Murray-Miller (Cardiff) ‘Outremer Europe: From Imperial Peripheries to a Global European History’
  • Ofri Ilany (Tel Aviv) ‘“Pilgrimages to the East”: The Bible and German Longing to the East’
  • Peter Pichler (Graz) ‘A “Handmade” Historiographical Myth: The “East” and Eastern Europe in the Historiography of European Integration, 1968 to the Present’

2.45-3.15 Coffee Break

3.15-4.30 Panel 2: Italian and French Perspectives I (Chair: Matthew D’Auria)

  • Silvio Berardi (Rome) ‘The Perception of Eastern Europe in the Idea of Europe of Carlo Catteneo’
  • Fernanda Gallo (Lugano) ‘Is the East the only “Orient” in Europe? The City between the “Orientalization” of Southern Italy and the “East” in Carlo Cattaneo’s Political Thought’
  • Matteo A. Napolitano (Rome) ‘The Perception of Eastern Europe in the Thought and the Political Project of Niccolò Tommaseo’

4.30-4.45 Short Break

4.45-5.35 Panel 3: Italian and French Perspectives II (Chair: Fernanda Gallo)

  • Sara Sermini (Lugano) ‘In the Russian Mirror: Italian Travelogues from Russia/USSR’
  • Amotz Giladi (Paris) ‘The French Celtic League and the Idea of a “Celtic-Slavic Race”, 1911-1914’

5.35-6.00 Short Break

Arts Building, 2.02

6.00-7.00 Keynote Lecture: Patrick Pasture (Leuven) ‘Europe's Many Easts: Why One Orient is not the Other’

8.00 Conference Dinner – The Last Wine Bar, 76 St George’s Street, Norwich, NR3 1AB


Thursday, 15 June 2017 | Enterprise Centre, 1.06

9.00-10.15 Panel 4: South-Eastern Europe and the Balkans I (Chair: Cathie Carmichael)

  • Rolf Petri (Venice) ‘Balkanism or Orientalism? Region-building in Southeast Europe’
  • Balázs Ablonczy (Budapest) ‘An Orientalism à la hongroise? Birth, Reign, Fall and Resurrection of Hungarian Turanism’
  • Samuel Foster (Norwich) ‘Imagining Arcadia: The South Slav Peasant in Western European Imaginary Geography before 1914’

10.15-10.45 Coffee Break

10.45-12.00 Panel 5: South-Eastern Europe and the Balkans II (Chair: Mark Thompson)

  • Nicolas Pitsos (Paris) ‘Greece’s Perceived Dualism between the West and the East from Insiders and Outsiders during the Eastern Question’
  • Valentina Pricopie (Bucharest) ‘A Monographic Challenge of the European Idea in Interwar Romania’
  • Lucio Valent (Milan) ‘Our Brothers in a Divided Europe: La Civiltà cattolica and the Communist Yugoslavia the Early Years of the Cold War (1945-1958)’

12.00-1.00 Lunch Break

Arts Building, 2.03

1.00-2.30 Panel 6: Poland (Chair: Jan Vermeiren)

  • Paul Hulsenboom (Nijmegen) ‘A Land of Plenty: The Varied Dutch Views of Poland (1600-1650)’
  • Jarred Warren (New York) ‘Polish Romantic Intellectuals and Social Networks in Rome around 1830’
  • Anna Marta Dworak (Rzeszow) ‘The Problem of the Eastern Border of Europe in the Awareness of Polish Society under the Partitions (1830-1864)’
  • Estelle Bunout (Nancy) ‘Polish and German Expertise on Eastern Europe: From a Science of the Enemy to a Discourse of Reconciliation?’

2.30-3.00 Short Break

3.00-4.15 Panel 7: Russia and Ukraine (Chair: Matthias Neumann)

  • Olga Kazakova (Orel) ‘The Russian Empire: The Boundaries and the Limits of the Europeanization’
  • Olena Palko (Norwich) ‘Europe in the Theory of Russian Eurasianism (Evraziistvo)’
  • Borislav Chernev (Exeter) ‘Reinventing Eastern Europe: Evolving German and Habsburg Views of Russia’s Western Borderlands during the Great War’

4.15-5.00 Coffee Break

5.00-5.50 Panel 8: The Middle East (Chair: Florian Greiner)

  • Elisa Bianco (Como) ‘Facing Byzantium in the West: Reading and Misreading the Byzantine Empire in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century France’
  • Giuseppe Foscari (Salerno) ‘Venice and the Ottoman Empire at the End of the Eighteenth Century: Business and Social Behaviours’

5.50-6.05 Short break

6.05-6.55 Panel 9: Visual Approaches (Chair: Peter Pichler)

  • Michael Wintle (Amsterdam) ‘Imagining Asia: European Constructions of the Asian East around the Time of the First World War’
  • Marion Romberg (Vienna) ‘Imagining the East in South German parish churches in the 18th century’

8.00 Dinner – The Spice Lounge, 8-10 Wensum St, Norwich, NR3 1HR


Friday, 16 June 2017 | Arts Building, 2.03

9.00-10.15 Panel 10: Asia and the Far East (Chair: Francis King)

  • Sinkwan Cheng (London) ‘The Semantics of “Right” in Pre-Capitalist Europe: Deconstructing the Geopolitics of “Europe versus China”’
  • Ulrich Brandenburg (Zurich) ‘“Who is for Russia, Who is for Japan?” Competing Notions of Europe in Austro-Hungarian Commentaries about the Russo-Japanese War’
  • Nadine Willems (Norwich) ‘Redefining Progress: Alternative Geographies in Early Twentieth-Century Japan’

10.15-10.45 Coffee Break

10.45-12.00 Panel 11: The Cold War Period (Chair: Mark Hewitson)

  • Florian Greiner (Augsburg) ‘Away from the “East”, and Back to “Europe”? Mitteleuropa as a (Trans)National Idea in East-Central Europe in the 1980s’
  • Marzia Maccaferri (London) ‘The East and the Rest: British Leftwing Intellectuals’ Refashioning of the European Idea at the End of the Cold War’

12.00-12.30 Conclusion


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