Jobs: Two PhD student positions at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (September 2023 - August 2026)

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The digital humanities project "Graviz: The Ottoman Grand Vizierate 1560s - 1760s," funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), is about to hire two PhD candidates.

  • One of the positions is for a Habsburg history student, while the other is for an Ottoman history student.
  • The students will be hired for a fixed period of 36 months, September 2023 to August 2026.
  • Students must be personally based in Vienna during the entire 36 months.
  • Gross yearly salary is 32.297,58 Euros. (Approximately 1.700 Euros net per month, paid 14 times during the year.)
  • Work time is 30 hours per week during the entire three years + 30 days of vacation per year. Students will have Austrian state insurance.
  • During the project, both students will be employees of the Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies (IHB) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and they will share a six-person office with me and two other members of the QhoD project at the IHB's new location inside Wiener Postsparkasse building.
  • Graviz will be carried out as part of the ongoing QhoD project, the IHB's research cluster that brings together several ongoing projects concerning Habsburg-Ottoman contacts.

  • About the work & profile
  • The hired Habsburg history student will work on letters dispatched from Vienna to Istanbul between the 1560s to 1760s (around 90~ unique letters). No prior knowledge of Habsburg-Ottoman relations is required. Most letters will be in German and Latin. All letters will be transcribed using globally accepted paleograhical methodologies, most will be translated into English, and they will be digitally edited and annotated using digital editing (TEI) software. Transcriptions and translations will be revised by experts who are our project partners and they will be published open-access on
  • In addition to German and Latin, advanced command of French and/or Italian and/or Hungarian and/or Polish will be an advantage.
  • The hired student must be registered in a PhD program at a globally recognized PhD-granting institution. (Austrian Academy of Sciences do not grant PhD degrees.) The student may choose to write a PhD dissertation based on the sources that are edited as part of the Graviz project. I will not be the supervisor of the hired student, but if the student desires and if approved by the major supervisor in the program where the student is enrolled, I may act as an outside reader & jury member for the student's dissertation project.

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