BLOG: Milestones of Ukrainian Independence and freedoms (1648-1921)

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The Czech journal Opera historica devoted its blog on 04/04/2022 to the history of constitutional liberties in Ukraine. It is a response to the repeated statements of the Russian propaganda which describes Ukraine as a 'made-up country' which is based on nationalist or even nazi traditions. We have approached the topic as a chronological survey which covers all the development from hetman Pylyp Orlik to Otto Eichelmann. Since it is still difficult to find this sort of information on the internet, I hope it will be useful for everyone. It has been updated and it includes also links to sources. The survey is based on the post-Soviet Ukrainian historiography. 

Here is the link: Milestones of Ukrainian Independence and Freedoms (1648-1921).

Ivo Cerman

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