ANN: Opera historica 22, 2021, Nr., 2

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Dear colleagues, 

a new issue of Opera historica 2021, Nr. 2 was been published in February. It is a theme issue focused on the responses to the battle of White Mountain in 1620 which ended the Bohemian Estates´ Rebellion and inaugurated absolutism. 

To support the Ukrainian cause, we have also established a subcategory of useful links to Ukrainian historiography and sources on our website *Ukrainian links*


Josef Hrdlička, Editorial 


Jiří Hrbek, Between clemency and justice. The reign of Ferdinand II in Bohemia in the first years after the Battle of White Mountain (CZ) 

Tomáš Černušák, The first ecclesiastical concepts of post-White Mountain re-Catholicization in Bohemia and Moravia (1620–1622) (CZ)

Josef Hrdlička, The role of the Czech Catholic nobility in shaping religious conditions in Bohemia in the 1620s (CZ)

Václav Bůžek - Kateřina Pražáková, Saxony’s position on the transfer of the rank of Elector Palatine to the Bavarian Duke Maximilian I in the years 1619 to 1623 (CZ)

Rostislav Smíšek, Dynastic unity of the the Habsburgs at the beginning of the Thirty Years’ War through the eyes of Georg Ludwig von Schwarzenberg (CZ)

Tomáš Knoz, Charles the Elder of Žerotín and Charles I of Liechtenstein. The intertwined fates of two Moravian politicians in the White Mountain period (CZ)

Tomáš Sterneck, „One yoke is laid upon another”: the 1620s and the inhabitants of Brno (CZ)

Historiography and Methodology

Radmila Prchal-Pavlíčková, The Image of the Post-White Mountain Religious Development, Recatholicization and Exile in History Textbooks from the Second Half of the Twentieth Century to the Present (CZ)

Book Reviews

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What is New in Early Modern Studies?

What is New in Early Modern Studies?