Periodicals and book post in the British Empire

Following Tamar's question and your helpful answers, I have a question which has come up in my research on the history of a legal journal printed in London from 1894 to 1951, and distributed around the world (and particularly in the British Empire):

How did book post from Britain to the Empire and beyond work? More specifically:

1) Was book post as fast as regular letter post? Postal histories talk about the time it took for letters to get from Britain to India, for instance. Would copies of a journal have travelled have quickly?

Registered Letters in British Empire

Hello all,

I was wondering if any of you know when the option to register a letter was first introduced beyond the United Kingdom. I am particularily interested in the option to register letters to British Empire locations in the 19th century. Thoughts on the subject, as well as references to relevant publications, would be welcome!

Thank you,

Tamar Rozett, PhD candidate

Postal workers health, well being and retirement

We're interested in finding out about other scholars who might be working on health and well being of postal workforces. Our own work focusses on the British experience in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, using pensions records to identify causes of retirement and linking these to health data, including causes of death. We've published two papers on this recently in Social History of Medicine.

Postage stamps as historical representations

I am interested in learning whether anyone shares my interest in the examination of postage stamps as representations of historical events - from all across the globe. Equally, I would like to know whether anyone can refer me to any literature that approaches the study of postage stamps from this angle.

Gary Baines (Professor)

History Department

Rhodes University

South Africa



What is Postal History?

Richard R. John, professor of history and communications

Columbia University


For those of us who are intrigued by the character and significance of postal networks, the launch of H-POSTAL HISTORY is auspicious.  Historians, cultural critics, sociologists, and political scientists have all turned to this topic in recent years, creating a rich and ever-growing scholarly literature on the significance of postal networks for business, politics, culture, and public life.  

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