North Carolina: The New American Heartland

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North Carolina: The New American Heartland

September 27–29, 2017

North Carolina: The New American Heartland is a multi-dimensional initiative—highlighted by a three-day gathering on September 27–29, 2017—enlisting scholars, artists, critics, journalists, educators, economic forecasters, policy experts, activists, community leaders, business owners, and others to critically consider North Carolina’s role as a bellwether for the nation.

Exploring Themes, Raising Questions

The complex challenges North Carolinians face in the early twenty-first century are mirrored in communities throughout the United States—economic inequality, disappearing opportunities in small towns and rural communities, and partisan divisions over a host of issues ranging from racial justice, to environmental policy, to immigration.

Through the lens of expressive culture, specifically the dimensions of food, music, and storytelling, North Carolina: The New American Heartland will provide a forum for examining North Carolina’s complex and myriad cultural identities and exploring how the arts and humanities can help us better understand and face our shared challenges.

Cultivating a Deeper Conversation: The National Humanities Center

National Humanities Center For the past 40 years, North Carolina has been home to the National Humanities Center, one of the world’s leading institutes for advanced study. The Center provides essential support for the humanities throughout the United States and around the world, encouraging excellence in scholarship and teaching while affirming the vital importance of the humanities in American life.

With ​​North Carolina: The New American Heartland, the Center is launching a year-long celebration of the humanities in North Carolina and across the country to cultivate a deeper conversation about the myriad ways the humanities help us understand ourselves, our communities, and our histories.

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