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Philip Ademola Olayoku

PHILIP ADEMOLA OLAYOKU is the Coordinator of the West African Transitional Justice  Centre (WATJCentre) and a Project Consultant with the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ) on Media and Terrorism. He is also  a Senior Research Fellow of the Institut Francaise de Recherche en Afrique (IFRA-Nigeria). He has a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Ibadan, where he also taught as an adjunct at the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies and the Cultural and Media Studies Programme. He is also a member of the Nigerian Army Resource Centre, Abuja and has done extensive research on the friction between local vigilates and state security apparatuses in Nigeria and across the ECOWAS Corridor. He belongs to several international organisations including The Perpetrators Studies Network which partly focuses on abuses by state agents during conflicts. He has published on security issues in the African Security Review and the African Journal on Conflict Resolution. He joined the HPeace network as an editor to contribute to the development of Peace and Conflict Studies by facilitating interactions between scholars and practitioners in the field. The editors are interested in harmonising the curriculum for teaching in the field through a collation of different curricula across continents.

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