Successfully Turn Your Dissertation into a Book or Series of Articles

The jump from dissertation to publication involves multiple stages and a critical shift in mindset on who your writing should be directed towards. Beth Luey, author of the book Handbook for Academic Authors (Cambridge University Press) and founder and director of the Scholarly Publishing Program at Arizona State University, has extensive experience supporting academics who made this leap. She will provide insight on:

Effectively Demonstrate Impact to Win More Research Funding Grants in the Humanities

Funders in the Humanities are increasingly looking for evidence of long-term impact. However, many academics find the tactics and metrics used to measure your research’s broader impact more elusive. Robert Townsend, Director of Humanities, Arts, and Culture programs at the Academy of Arts and Sciences, will share his experience on how to successfully pursue funding in the Humanities and 

how to maximize your findings to show funders the real-life impact of your research.

You will receive:

Strategic Planning for Your Upcoming Research Grant Proposal

Too many scholars wait until the last minute to begin working on their grant proposal instead of smartly laying the groundwork in advance. Lotte Jaspers, Founding Partner and Director at Yellow Research and an expert evaluator for the European Commission, and Dr. Julie Cwikla, Professor and Director for the Center for STEM Education, grant proposal developer, writer, and reviewer, have helped scholars receive hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from the ERC, NIH, NSF, and more. 

Black Lives Matter: Lessons from a Global Movement


Black Lives Matter: Lessons from a Global Movement

International Conference
( Zoom sessions:2 days-Virtual platform:6 days)

Thematic Approach

GIRES, the Global Institute for Research Education & Scholarship and the Greenwood African American Studies Center (GAASC) wish to explore  the phenomenon of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Is Your Published Research Making the Impact it Should? Don’t Miss This Interview!

Are you confident that your published research can make a greater impact but are uncertain as to how to maximize its dissemination? Learn how you can properly leverage social media and in-person events, such as book launches and conferences, to spread your research. Dominique De Roo, Vice President of Marketing at Brill, and Tomer Persico, Academic Director at Kolot, will reveal how to strategically utilize these platforms to ensure your research reaches the appropriate audience.

 You will gain:


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