New Open Access Volume of Conflict and Society (Vol. 7)

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The new Open Access volume of Conflict and Society has published! This volume contains two special sections. The first special section addresses how the spatiality of terrorism and security responses mobilize and impact the realm of experience. The second special section focuses on the longitudinal ethnography of violence.


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Volume 7


I. Special Section: Experiential Landscapes of Terror

Introduction: Experiential Landscapes of Terror

Sunčana Laketa, Sara Fregonese, and Damien Masson


(Counter)Terrorism and the Intimate: Bodies, Affect, Power

Sunčana Laketa


Shockwaves: Atmospheres beyond the Conflict City/Ordinary City Divide

Sara Fregonese


The State of Emergency at Home: House Arrests, House Searches, and Intimacies in France

Flora Hergon


Listening to Terror Soundscapes: Sounds, Echoes, and Silences in Listening Experiences of Survivors of the Bataclan Terrorist Attack in Paris

Luis Velasco-Pufleau


“Counterterrorism Citizens” and the Neurotic City

Amy Batley


II. Special Section: The Longitudinal Ethnography of Violence

Introduction: The Longitudinal Ethnography of Violence

Lidewyde H. Berckmoes, Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard, and Dennis Rodgers


Telling Tales?: Subjective Ethnography and Situated Narratives in Longitudinal Research on Violence in Nicaragua

Dennis Rodgers


Changing Narratives of Intimate Partner Violence: A Longitudinal Photo-Ethnography

Heith Copes, Lindsay Leban, and Jared Ragland


Times of Violence: The Shifting Temporalities of Long-Term Ethnographic Engagement with Burundi

Simon Turner


“What about Last Time?”: Exploring Potentiality in Danish Young Women’s Violent Conflicts

Ann-Karina Henriksen


“I Showed You What I Thought Was Appropriate”: Reflections on Longitudinal Ethnographic Research and the Performativity of Dutch Gang Life

Robert A. Roks


III. Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Bernard B. Fyanka and Julaina A. Obika


IV. Book Forum

Book Forum

Lotte Buch Segal, Emilija Zabiliūtė, Marco Motta, Resto Cruz, Andrew M. Jefferson, and Veena Das


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