TOC: Ethics & International Affairs Vol. 35, Iss. 2

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Ethics & International Affairs volume 35, issue 2 has published and is available on Cambridge Core.

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Roundtable: The Responsibility to Protect in a Changing World Order

The Responsibility to Protect in a Changing World Order: Twenty Years since Its Inception
Michael Ignatieff

Trust or Perish? The Responsibility to Protect and Use of Force in a Changing World Order
Adrian Gallagher, Nicholas J. Wheeler

The Responsibility to Protect: Locating Norm Entrepreneurship
Cristina G. Stefan

Where to Protect? Prioritization and the Responsibility to Protect
Luke Glanville, James Pattison

The Security Council's Role in Fulfilling the Responsibility to Protect
Jennifer M. Welsh


Toward a Normative Model of Meaningful Human Control over Weapons Systems
Daniele Amoroso, Guglielmo Tamburrini

Inclusive Trade: Justice, Innovation, or More of the Same?
Patricia Goff

Review Essay

Climate Displacement and the Legal Gymnastics of Justice: Is It All Political?
Andrea C. Simonelli

And four book reviews