Hello from your new editor

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I'd like introduce myself as a new editor for H-Peace, and welcome you all to provide input in the future direction of the network. I have a few ideas of my own, but I am really interested in hearing your ideas.

If any of you are interested in editing the network, please read the information below and feel free to let me know. I'm open to rank, background, interests, and role in the network, and we could certainly benefit from your contributions. Of course, we have several less-commited roles that can be filled, such as blogger, reviewer, contributer, and moderator (feel free to ask about these roles).

I look forward to working with you!

Editing and contributing to H-Peace

I would like to see a mix of several types of editors and contributors:

  • Editorial board members, responsible for the overall management of the network (preferably three to five)
  • Review editors (preferably two or more)
  • Bloggers (preferably two or three)
  • Social media contributors (Twitter co-manager and podcast co-host, among others)

The larger the team, the easier it is to accommodate the demands of individual schedules and professional obligations. All of these positions are voluntary, and your work in the network will be much appreciated.


Editors will be trained to use the H-Net Commons, the content management platform, to moderate discussions; build content-rich projects for teaching and scholarship in the fields of international relations, conflict studies, and peace studies; and collaborate in the management of the network. The Commons interface is a simple site-design and publishing system that requires no advanced technical knowledge and enables editors to create custom pages that dynamically update with fresh material.

Projects could include an annotated archive of syllabi, teaching guides, and reading lists for these fields (and subfields as desired); a dynamic link database for one-stop access to primary sources; an annotated archive of images suitable for use in classes or research. We are also very interested in applying new media (social media, podcasts, and video). Other project suggestions are very welcome.

Review editors

Review editors will solicit and edit reviews of published works—both books and journal articles—that they select. They will be trained to use H-Net's online Reviews Management System. Establishing links with publishers, journal editors, and authors will be crucial to building a solid base and a relevance with the research communities of our fields and subfields.


Blogs focusing on issues with research, teaching, academia, the job market, or other topics are welcome, and can be individual or collaborative projects.

 Social media contributors

Establishing a presence beyond the network itself is crucial for recruiting new members and contributors and sharing the benefits of our network with the outside world. Setting up and maintaining an H-Peace Twitter account to share posts and starting and managing podcasts that feature editors, authors, and teachers from our fields will greatly supplement our work here and reach a broader audience.


The minimum qualifications for any of these positions include the following:

  • a graduate degree or equivalent in professional experience in the fields of international relations, conflict studies, and peace studies, broadly defined. Publications and teaching experience are a plus.
  • General facility with email, browsers, and office software is helpful.

For editors, the additional qualifications include the following:

  • At least a two-year commitment, as all H-Net editors serve for two-year renewable terms.
  • Certification by the H-Net Council.

About H-Net and H-Peace

The H-Net Commons is a project-based, collaborative platform for publishing discussions, multimedia materials, and blogs through its many field-based networks in the social sciences and humanities. Its materials are freely available under the Creative Commons 3.0 License.

H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online, is a nonprofit, tax-exempt international organization based in the History Department at Michigan State University.

H-Peace is the H-Net network for those interested in international relations, conflict studies, and peace studies, broadly defined. It is very much a work in progress.