International Summer Certificate Program: Identity-Based Conflict Resolution

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Synopsis: This unique 4-week Program (July 5-30, 2015), taking place at Bar-Ilan University, offers 11 credits (including an internship) and a certificate in Conflict Resolution. Applications are open to holders of undergraduate/graduate degrees and current graduate students, worldwide, from all fields and disciplines in social sciences, liberal arts and the humanities. Total tuition: $3,620.


Conflicts over collective Identity - including issues of Religion, Narratives and Culture - abound in our world today. Taught by leading scholars and practitioners, this unique program offers five intensive conflict resolution courses focusing on such conflicts and how to creatively engage them. It is the only international summer certificate program in Israel taught in English in the field of conflict resolution.

The Summer Program will examine local, national and international conflicts with a focus on identity-based conflicts, and a particular emphasis on conflicts based in Israel. It offers a diverse student environment, and consists of seminars, workshops, simulations, guest lectures, and an internship course (with two full day study tours), providing theoretical insights and conflict resolution  training. The Program’s approach is interdisciplinary, addressing various perspectives such as law, psychology, religion and culture. Moreover, the Program will organise various social events such as receptions, meetings with Israeli Jewish/Palestinian students and cultural activities. The Program provides a certificate upon completion and/or graduate credits. It is tailored to holders of undergraduate/graduate degrees (and those who are entitled to them), current graduate students who seek credits in an international setting, professionals and the general public.

The summer credits will be recognized also for the international Masters and PhD tracks in conflict resolution at BIU (planned to be opened), or for the current Hebrew-taught Masters and PhD tracks.


Why the Conflict Resolution Program at BIU, Israel?
Launched in 2000, the Conflict Management and Negotiation Graduate Program, which  is operating this Summer Program, is the best established Israeli CR program. Its distinguished faculty merge theory and practice and its students come from all walks of Israeli Jewish, Christian and Moslem societies. It awards Masters and PhD degrees (in Hebrew), sponsors research, training programs and international conferences, and operates a Mediation Center. It also founded the Israeli Association of Conflict Resolution, launched the first Religion and Conflict Resolution Masters Track in an Israeli universityand publishes the International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution.

The Program is located at BIU, established in 1955, which is a tremendously diverse and dynamic university with some 30,000 students, including many international students. BIU has 8 faculties, over 120 Departments and Centers, and offers over 8,000 courses. It is located only 15 minutes away from Tel Aviv, the lively cultural, academic and business hub of Israel.

Israeli universities and BIU enjoy worldwide scholarly and practical prestige, in particular with regard to conflict resolution studies.

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