Peace & Change Editor Search

Christy Snider Discussion

The Peace History Society is seeking an editor for its journal Peace & Change: A Journal of Peace Research

Peace & Change publishes scholarly and interpretive articles related to the creation of a peaceful, just, and humane society.  The journal seeks to transcend national, disciplinary, and other arbitrary boundaries while building bridges between peace research, education, and activism. 

The editor for Peace and Change will work with an associate editor from the Peace and Justice Studies Association.  The job officially begins July 1, 2015 but the editor will begin working cooperatively with the current PHS editor, Erika Kuhlman, on May 1 to ensure a smooth transition into the position.  It is important that the applicant have institutional support for this position which traditionally includes a one-course release and a graduate assistantship or equivalent position for the managing editor position.  The managing editor will be appointed by the editor.  Applicants should contact the current editor of Peace and Change, Erika Kuhlman,<> to  learn more about the responsibilities and time commitment of editing the journal.   If you are interested in this position please respond by email to Christy Snider <> by October 30, 2014.  Your application must include a vita and letter of interest, stating relevant background, why you are interested in the position, how you would envision changing or adding to P&C. The successful candidate must also represent the investment of the Peace History Society in the Journal to its board.

  1. Receives all new submissions.  Editor reads all submissions with associate editor, and determines which articles are sent out for review and which are rejected.
  2. Sends out articles for review.  Keeps a database of reviewers, seeks new reviewers.
  3. Makes decisions about reviewed articles and informs authors.  Ensures associate editor has access to reviews and seeks input from the associate editor on which articles to pursue.
  4. Revision of articles:  Editor confers with associate editor and determines whether or not to accept the revised  manuscript for publication.  Editor takes lead in communicating with  authors. 
  5. Schedules articles for publication.
  6. Copy-editing, preparing articles for publication, uploading each issue, reading proofs, etc: These are the responsibilities of the managing editor.  The managing editor also  collects copyright forms and writes the Table of Contents and Notes on Authors for each issue.  The editor does the final copy-editing.
  7. Works with the Peace and Change board on significant issues, nominates board members and uses board members to review manuscripts.  Candidates must demonstrate an ability to represent the interests of Peace and Change to the board, scholars and other various constituencies
  8. Book Review editor:  This is now the responsibility of a separate PHS member. The book review editor acquires books, sends them out for review, keeps files of book reviews, selects reviews for each issue, edits them,  keeps a database of reviewers and seeks new reviewers, etc.