New TOC: Regions and Cohesion (Vol. 8, Issue 1)

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The articles in this issue of Regions and Cohesion range from an analysis diaspora philanthropy by Filipino migrants in Luxembourg to how pro-environmental practices related to consumption and waste contribute to the formation of pro-environment citizenships. This issue concludes with a leadership forum that includes an overview of the 4th World Forum for Local Economic Development in Praia.


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Volume 8, Issue 1


Editor's Note

The importance of effective partnerships for sustainable development

Harlan Koff and Carmen Maganda



From philanthropy to impact investing: The case of Luxembourg

Shirlita Espinosa


Extracción de petróleo y transformaciones socioterritoriales Comunidad Emiliano Zapata, Veracruz, Mexico

 Irvin Aguilar León


Indigenous participation in primary care services in Brazil: Autonomy or bureaucratization?

Eliana Elisabeth Diehl and Esther Jean Langdon


Consumo responsable y configuración de ciudadanías proambientales

Maria Claudia Mejía Gil and Claudia Puerta Silva


Leadership Forum/Foro de Liderazgo

Cohesión social y reducción del riesgo de desastres Otros conceptos a explorar

Virginia García Acosta


Quatrième Forum mondial sur le développement économique local Réduction des inégalités croissants

Djénéba Traoré


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