New Open Access Book: Discord and Concensus in the Low Countries, 1700-2000

Alison Fox Discussion

UCL Press is delighted to announce the publication of an open access book that may be of interest to members of this list: Discord and Consensus in the Low Countries

All countries, regions, and institutions are ultimately built on a degree of consensus, on a collective commitment to a concept, belief or value system. This consensus is continuously rephrased and reinvented through a narrative of cohesion and challenged by expressions of discontent and discord. The history of the Low Countries is characterized by both a striving for consensus and eruptions of discord, both internally and from external challenges. This interdisciplinary volume explores consensus and discord in a Low Countries context along broad cultural, linguistic and historical lines. Disciplines represented include early-modern and contemporary history, art history, film, literature, and translation scholars from both the Low Countries and beyond.

About the editors

Jane Fenoulhet is Professor of Dutch Studies at UCL. Her research interests include women’s writing, literary history, and disciplinary history. Gerdi Quist is Lecturer in Dutch and Head of Department at UCL’s Department of Dutch. Her current research focuses on language and culture teaching and learning which take cultural complexity and critical intercultural awareness as a starting point. Ulrich Tiedau is Senior Lecturer in Modern Low Countries History and Society at UCL. In addition, he serves as editor-in-chief of Dutch Crossing: Journal of Low Countries Studies and review editor of Frontiers in Digital Humanities.