Call for Submissions: Anthology of World Peace since 1750

William Knoblauch Discussion

This is a call for contributions for an anthology tentatively entitled A History of World Peace since 1750. While recent works by Lawrence Wittner, Peter Stearns, and David Cortright (among others) have added much to the diverse field of peace studies, there is a growing interest in new examinations of peace as a global phenomenon. Already, numerous scholars from diverse academic disciplines have agreed to contribute to this collection. However, to fill this volume—one deliberately diverse in scope and interdisciplinary in approach—more authors are needed to provide contributions on a range of topics relating to world peace since 1750, including:

  • Peace movements, their organization, implementation, and effectiveness
  • Political dissenters and dissidents
  • Transnational aspects of peace
  • Non-Western societies and peace
  • Peace Activism in the Long Nineteenth Century
  • Nuclear disarmament in national and transnational case studies
  • Culture representations of peace activism through mediums such as film, music, literature, television, and video games
  • Relationships between democracy and peace
  • Policymakers’ peace rhetoric or identification with the cause of peace
  • Race, class, and/or gender aspects of peace activism
  • Relationships between socio-economic rights and or “economic/social” justice and peace
  • Regional issues of peace and conflict resolution, especially in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East
  • Combating ethnic violence
  • Connections and/or differences between peace activism and different forms of government/economic systems (democratic capitalist, social democracy, Soviet-style socialism, different brands of authoritarian, etc.)
  • Human rights promotion and its role in peace efforts
  • Religion, religious doctrines, and the promotion of peace
  • Pacifist Icons (Ghandi, Muste, MLK, etc.)
  • The role that international law and/or intergovernmental organizations play in peace promotion

Such a collection, we feel, should touch upon aspects of peace activism from around the globe. For this reason, the editors welcome a diversity of case studies and seek contributions focusing on different global regions and numerous thematic areas of study. Only such a diversity of perspectives can help to explain the increasingly complex methods by which grassroots activists, political figures, cultural commentators, scholars, and theologians have grappled with peace in global and transnational contexts.

We anticipate full chapters to range from 5,000 – 6,000 words. Submissions should follow conventions of American English and Chicago Style Guidelines (with footnotes).

Abstracts of 500 words maximum should be emailed to the editors—Christian Philip Peterson and William M. Knoblauchno later than May 15, 2016.  

Authors will be notified by 20 May 2016.
Full chapters will be due by 30 September 2016.
Peer Review will be completed by 1 December 2016
Final chapters submitted by 31 January 2017.​