Latest Open Access Volume of Conflict and Society (Vol. 8)

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The new Open Access volume of Conflict and Society has published! This volume contains two special sections. The first special section is on the power and productivity of vigilance regimes, and the second focuses on art, violence conflict, and displacement.


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Volume 8


General Articles

Police Prejudice or Logics?: Analyzing the “Bornholm Murder Case”

David Sausdal


“You Wanna Come to the ‘Urban’ Night Tomorrow... It’s the Wrong Night Tonight”: Black Consumers as Both “Wanted” and “Unwanted” in the Night-Time Economy

Nikhaela Wicks


“How to Live a Good Life”: Self-managing Reproductive Health for Adolescent Refugees in Kampala

George Palattiyil, Ann-Christin Zuntz, Harish Nair, Paul Bukuluki, and Kalyango Ronald Sebba


Special Section: The Power and Productivity of Vigilance Regimes

Introduction: The Power and Productivity of Vigilance Regimes

Ana Ivasiuc, Eveline Dürr, and Catherine Whittaker


Visualizing Vigilance in the Generalized Representation of the Nomad: Reflections on the Banjara Community in Rajasthan, India

Urmi Bhattacharyya


Framing the “Refugee Hunter”: Gender and Nationalist Perspectives on Border Vigilance in Bulgaria

Kristina Ilieva


“The State Cannot Protect Us”: How Vigilance (Un)makes the State in Western Europe

Ana Ivasiuc


Anxious Vigilance and the Production of (Il)legitimacy in the UK Citizenship Regime: “It’s How You Sift Them Out, Y’know?”

Rachel Lewis


The Patrols’ City: Vigilance and Intimacy on Barcelona’s Streets

Corina Tulbure


Vigilance, Knowledge, and De/colonization: Protesting While Latin@ in the US-Mexico Borderlands

Catherine Whittaker and Eveline Dürr


Special Section: Art and Conflict

Introduction: Art, Violent Conflict, and Displacement

Katarzyna Grabska and Cindy Horst


Visual Storytelling about Genocide, Displacement, and Exile: Encounters with Rithy Panh

Katarzyna Grabska


Questioning Artists: Contributing Societal Critique and Alternative Visions in Dark Times

Cindy Horst


Embodied Agency: Creating Room for Maneuver through Dance in Palestine

Sara Christophersen


Slam Poetry in Chad: A Space of Belonging in an Environment of Violence and Repression

Mirjam de Bruijn


Creating Spaces of Music Asylum in Ethnically Divided Contexts: Young People’s Accounts from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sri Lanka

Gillian Howell and Solveig Korum


Book Forum

Book Forum: Francio Guadeloupe, Black Man in the Netherlands: An Afro-Antillean Anthropology (Jackson: University of Mississippi Press, 2022)

Dastan Abdali, Charissa Granger, Marleen de Witte, Basile Ndjio, Dave Ramsaran, Miriyam Aouragh, and Francio Guadeloupe


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