1973 Energy Crisis Anniversary Discussion

This page contains in one place all of the articles in the 1973 Energy Crisis Anniversary Discussion posted to the H-Energy network in 2013 and 2014.

  1. Tammy Nemeth, "A Brief Historical Contextual Overview to the 1973 Energy Crisis."
  2. Jay Hakes, "The Road to America's First Energy Crisis."
  3. Stephen Randall, "The 1970s Arab-OPEC Oil Embargo and Latin America."
  4. Per Hogselius, "The European Natural Gas Industry and the Oil Crisis of 1973/74."
  5. Fiona Venn, "The October 1973 Energy Crisis."
  6. Francesco Petrini, "Eight Squeezed Sisters: The Oil Majors and the Coming of the 1973 'Shock'."
  7. Ty Priest, "Shifting Sands: The 1973 Oil Shock and the Expansion of Non-OPEC Supply."
  8. Henning Türk, "Anti-OPEC or a Neutral Consumer Organisation? The Founding of the International Energy Agency in 1973/74."