Committee for the History of Electricity and Energy Research Grant 2017-2018 / Call for application

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Call for application

            The Committee for the History of Electricity and Energy offers grants varying from 1,500 to 3,000 euros to graduate students. Applications can be written in French or English.

            Selection will be based on the following criteria: originality of the subject, preparation and quality of presentation of the project. The project must deal, at least partly, with the history of electricity or energy in France or Europe, or elsewhere in the world provided research results can be shared with and used by colleagues and readers in France or Europe. Payment of the grant will be conditional upon signature of an agreement. The thesis or dissertation may be written in the language chosen by the student. However, a summary in French or English must be submitted to the Committee for the History of Electricity and Energy for theses or dissertations written in any other language.

The application should include:

- the attached application form;

- a letter in which the candidate requests a grant, gives the precise subject of  his/her  research, as defined with his/her supervisor, and binds him/herself to respect the agreement if he/she is selected;

- a presentation of the research project mentioning the sources, the methodology, the questions to be raised, and a short bibliography (6-10 p.);

- a detailed curriculum vitae;

- a letter of recommendation from the research supervisor, appreciating the candidate and approving the project;

- a photocopy of the student card or an attestation of research delivered by the university or research centre with which the candidate is affiliated.

The application must be sent attached to an email stating the name, the forename, the postal address, the phone number and the email address of the candidate. It must be emailed by November 10, 2017.


For any further information, please contact us by email or by phone : +33 1 53 63 23 46 

Since 2001, the Committee for the History of Electricity is sponsored by the EDF Foundation. It has three objectives focused on the history of electricity: to conduct or foster scientific research, to study and promote tangible and intangible heritage, and to share and impart knowledge. In 2013, the Committee widened its scope to become the Committee for the History of Electricity and Energy.


Formulaire de candidature / Application Form

« Bourse pour l’histoire de l’énergie »




Prénom / Surname :     

Adresse / Address :     

Email :

Diplôme préparé / Degree

Établissement / Affiliation :     

Directeur de recherche / Supervisor :

Sujet de recherche / Title of the research project


Postulez-vous à une autre bourse ? / Are you applying to another grant ?

Oui / Yes

Non / No

Si oui, laquelle ? If yes, which one :


Disposez-vous d’une source régulière de revenu ? / Do you benefit from a regular source of income ?

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